About M. Louis:

M. Louis is a native Oregonian, and is currently a resident of Lake Oswego, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. He’s married, has three children and one grand-dog. For many years, M. has owned a successful public accounting firm.

His adventures into writing began when a friend suggested he start tweeting for his clients. Convinced he could gain more followers by using fiction, he began to tweet the original concept for what would become his first crime-thriller series. Gripped and captivated by the plot within days, he decided to delve deeper and began developing in-depth character profiles, fleshed out a captivating plot, and came up with intriguing timelines. What had started out as a few ideas for tweets, turned into a full-fledged, action-packed crime-thriller series, which takes place on the rain-soaked streets of Portland.


M. is available for interviews and readings. Please contact his publicist Hallie Clark at info@mlouisbooks.com

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Angel’s Devil (Audible – Unabridged) – 2 June 2016
The book is narrated by Colin Iago McCarthy. The listening length of the book is 4 hours and 17 minutes. The publisher of the book is Palisades Publishing. The book is available from Audible, iTunes and Amazon. Prices vary from $10.95 - $14.95.


Angel’s Devil – 3 Dec 2014

Jake Brand is racing to the bottom. No longer in the army, recently divorced, and feeling older, he spends his time looking for happiness at the bottom of a bottle. As a result, his Portland, Oregon, private investigation business suffers, and his friends feel the need to shake him back to reality. Then Heather walks back into his life. Jake, Heather, and Tony were best friends growing up. But Heather and Tony became a thing, and Jake became a third wheel. Now Tony has been murdered, and Jake, the knight in rusted armor, wonders if Heather is a damsel in distress encouraging him to come closer, or a dame seeking a temporary safe haven. In Angel's Devil Jake and his assistant, Sarah, follow the clues, steps ahead of danger - the bad guys killing again, and Heather breaking Jake's heart a second time. Does Jake solve the case? Does Heather save Jake's heart? Does Sarah smack Jake for being a moron?


Secondhand Smoke – 15 Oct 2015

Running for his life wasn’t exactly what Portland PI Jake Brand had in mind when he accepted his latest client—but that’s exactly what he and Sarah, his best friend and assistant, find themselves doing in this heart-pounding sequel to Angel’s Devil.

Deception fueled by money begins when a beautiful woman throws down serious cash for Jake to find her missing boyfriend. Violence follows when Jake and Sarah discover the couple is connected to a hacker who colors outside the lines, a beautiful pharmaceutical sales rep, a slimy cop who can’t take a punch, and a federal agent bent on hiding the truth. They all know too much—and soon enough, so do Jake and Sarah.

In the midst of the danger, Jake finds time to annoy his yoga instructor, and fall for the woman with more secrets than answers.

An interview with M. Louis:

You are a CPA by trade. What gave you the inspiration to write Angel’s Devil?

My adventures into writing began when a friend suggested I start tweeting for my CPA clients. I was pretty sure I could gain more followers by using fiction, so I started to tweet the original concept for what would become the Jake Brand.  

How did you come up with the main character in the series, Jake Brand?

When I was growing up, I was a fan of Mickey Spillane’s crime novels and his hard-boiled, tough-guy character Mike Hammer.  While I was writing Angel’s Devil,  I re-read some of those books, and found I didn’t like the character as much; too brutal and sexist. So I blended Hammer with the well-known, charismatic 1980’s TV series detective, Thomas Magnum of Magnum, P.I., and Jim Rockford from the 1970’s TV drama, The Rockford Files.

What is your process for writing?

I suppose it has three phases – First, I just write down whatever comes into my mind. Next I reorganize and rewrite it to make it all flow. During this phase I create character profiles and timelines.  And third, I edit, edit, edit.  And then edit.

Who are some of your own personal favorite writers?

I am drawn to many different genre’s. Some of my favorites are James Clavell who wrote Shogun and King Rat, Patrick O’Brien who wrote the Aubrey-Maturin series which was the basis for the movie Master and Commander, Colleen McCullough who wrote Thornbirds and an amazing series on the Roman Empire, and James Fenimore Cooper who wrote Last of the Mohicans.

How where you inspired to write a crime thriller? Why did you choose that particular genre?

Mostly I stumbled into it, although I have read a lot of similar style books. And I watched way too many TV programs in the genre.

You have lived in the Portland area for many years. What about Portland inspired you to set your crime series there?

I was born and raised here.  Portland is what I know.  I like everything about it; especially it’s quirkiness, the rain, and the distinct seasons.

In the book, Jake faces many personal struggles. Is this a reflection of anything you or someone in your own life has gone through?

I have been where Jake was, maybe not as out of control, but bummed out.  Jake is like so many of us in that personal struggle is so universal throughout our lives. In the scheme of things, though, Jake’s challenges are pretty minor compared to many people.

If you met Jake on the street, what would you say to him?

If I met him as his creator, I would tell him to take more emotional risk.  If I were his friend, I would ask him out for a beer.