Jake Brand is racing to the bottom. No longer in the army, recently divorced, and feeling older, he spends his time looking for happiness at the bottom of a bottle.

As a result, his Portland, Oregon, private investigation business suffers, and his friends feel the need to shake him back to reality. Then Heather walks back into his life. Jake, Heather, and Tony were best friends growing up. But Heather and Tony became a thing, and Jake became a third wheel. Now Tony has been murdered, and Jake, the knight in rusted armor, wonders if Heather is a damsel in distress encouraging him to come closer, or a dame seeking a temporary safe haven.

In Angel's Devil Jake and his assistant, Sarah, follow the clues, steps ahead of danger - the bad guys killing again, and Heather breaking Jake's heart a second time. Does Jake solve the case? Does Heather save Jake's heart? Does Sarah smack Jake for being a moron?

Masterful story-teller, Louis keeps the listener on the edge of his seat.
— AudioBook Reviewer Charla White